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About Anna Mchugh

Anna McHugh is a radio journalist and mycophile (mushroom lover) from Nevada City, CA. Her first time on the air was as a radio dramatist on community radio station KVMR-FM in 1994. In 1999, Anna produced a radio documentary called "The Public Defender," which won the 2000 National Federation of Community Broadcasters Golden Reel Award for Public Affairs.

Over the years, Anna gained radio experience working with her father, Joe McHugh. Amongst the projects she assisted with is "The Telling Takes Us Home, A Celebration of American Family Stories," which was aired on NPR and Voice of America with a worldwide audience. Anna also served as an assistant producer on "Omaha Voices," a public radio series produced by young people involved with juvenile drug court about the elders of Omaha, Nebraska.

Anna attended the University of Virginia and took a degree in History. For five years, she worked as a legal advocate for foster children and at-risk youth in Portland, Oregon. She now lives in Nevada City, CA and blends her love of public media, storytelling and mushrooms to educate the public about the critical role of fungi in nature, society and science.

While living in the Northwest, Anna discovered a passion for mycology, and started hunting wild mushrooms, growing gourmet mushrooms at home, and learning botany.

Winner of the Golden Reel Award for Public Affairs, The Public Defender is a radio documentary that looks at the important role public defenders have in our society. Anna McHugh interviewed Anne Moore, a California public defender about the virtues and difficulties facing public defenders today.