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Here is a sample of interviews that I recorded while I was on the road collecting material for "Crazy About Mushrooms."

Jen and Dustin Olson own The Mushroomery, a biodynamic mushroom farm in Lebanon, OR. They grow medicinal mushrooms and make immune-enhancing tinctures from them, and were happy to explain the process to me.

I had the extreme pleasure to take an old friend out mushroom hunting for the first time. Sharing mushrooming with newcomers is always exciting, especially when you hit gold like we did! We feasted that night on golden chanterelles and oyster mushrooms. Listen in as Gwynn Tavares regales me with her impressions of this experience!

Damian Pack was the lead growing room manager at Fungi Perfecti for a number of years. During his long career as a mushroom cultivator, Damian has fruited hundreds of different sorts of medicinal and gourmet mushrooms. He has also taught classes all over the country about mushroom cultivation. Here, Damian explains the wily fungi from a cultivator's perspective.

I recorded this story during the MSSF fall foray at dinnertime with a gentleman who grew up hunting mushrooms in the mountains and wild lands of Northern Italy. Listen in as Marco Vangelisti explains to me how, in his home country, people are not afraid to collect and enjoy wild foods! Also, you can enjoy the raucous background ambient sounds of the MSSF enjoying a dinner of candy cap infused mashed sweet potatoes and pork chops smothered in chanterelle gravy! YUM!

Using mushrooms to dye fabric is an art that originated in Norway. There are many North American mushrooms that render beautiful colors on wool, silk and plant fibers, and mushroom fans in the states love to experiment with new ideas! Gail Still taught the fiber arts workshop at the MSSF foray this past fall. Listen in as she talks about a handwoven scarf she dyed using the Western Jack O' Lantern mushroom!

Connie Green runs a business supplying high end restaurants with wild mushrooms. Here, she talks about the sort of folks who make their living foraging gourmet mushrooms.

Dr. Ryane Snowe is a Stanford-trained biochemist turned professional mushroom hunter. Ryane explained his friendship with mushrooms to me.

Tony Migas is a mushroom cultivator and researcher from Vancouver, WA. A rogue scientist and master of DIY mushroom cultivation, Tony had a life changing experience using shiitake to improve his health.

Don Moore Here is a piece I recorded with one of my dearest friends and mushroom mentors, Don Moore. Out in the woods near the Oregon Coast, Don and I stumbled across a fabulous fruiting of the savory winter chanterelle!

Dr. Charles Lefevre is the co-founder of the Oregon Truffle Festival, and owns and operates a business selling tree saplings colonized by truffle mycelium.

Dr. Lefevre told me a good bit about the science of cultivating truffles, and hunting for them with truffle dogs, specially trained canines who can sniff out truffles like law enforcement dogs.