Crazy About Mushrooms
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Crazy About Mushrooms is an hour-long public radio documentary first aired in July 2011.

The project was produced by mushroom-lover and radio documentarian Anna McHugh. Click below to stream or download Crazy About Mushrooms: Conversations With Fungus Fanatics. An audio archive with interviews from the radio documentary is also available below.

Anna spent months traveling around the country interviewing mushroom experts of all sorts—mycologists, phylogeneticists, mushroom cultivators, evolutionary biologists, herbalists, mushroom hunters, chefs, artists, and entrepreneurs each of whom see the tremendous value of fungi.

Crazy About Mushrooms and the audio archive contain interview segments with Paul Stamets, Gary Lincoff, Taylor Lockwood, Langdon Cook, Dr. Charles Lefevre, Leslie Scott, Connie Green, and many other respected members of the mycological community. There are also tidbits from folks who derive pleasure from mushrooms who have not become full-time mycophiles (yet!).

Interviewing mushroom fans for Crazy About Mushrooms was delightful. Mushroom people are free with their knowledge, detailed in their storytelling, frequent with their jokes, elegant with their projects, and elaborate with their pipe dreams.

Give the documentary and audio archive a listen!